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Tribal fusion dance is of course about fusion. Not only fusion of dance styles but a kind of spiritual fusion which pushes you to constantly evolve and feel more at ease with your body, and dance in general. Coralie manages to give her classes in a friendly atmosphere, but never forgetting the serious work you have to achieve to get better. It's a truly "work hard and have fun" class. Would recommend it to anyone searching for intense and quality class


I've been attending Coralie's lessons for 6 years non-stop now! It is not always so easy to find Tribal Fusion lessons of such a good quality! I owe her a lot: she taught me how to play zills, how to sew and make all kinds of wonderful costusmes, how to dance with a sword, with fan veils, and other stuffs! She taught me Indian Fusion, Datura Style, cabaret style ans other stuffs also! She gave me the opportunity to teach, and now that I am teaching I am still attending her lessons which are composed of muscular, flexibility and balance training, technique drilling, zills sessions, funny combos and beautiful choreos. Nowadays, she has enough students to be able to propose 4 levels! Coralie's lessons are gold for Tribal Fusion dancers! Just try! 

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